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Although New York State law says children 8 and under must be secured by a car seat or booster seat when riding in a motor vehicle, taxicabs and livery vehicles are exempt from this requirement.

Still, it is always safest for young children to travel in a car seat. If your child still fits in an infant car seat or is big enough to ride in a booster seat, you are in luck. An infant seat can be installed easily in any taxicab using the LATCH system or regular seat belt, and then carried by hand or attached to a compatible stroller base. A booster seat, which ensures a seat belt is properly positioned on a child’s body, doesn’t require installation and is relatively light and easy to carry around town.

Unfortunately, things aren’t so simple if your child falls in the in-between stage and needs a convertible car seat. While there are a couple of convertible car seats that can be attached to stroller wheels, most cannot and are just too big to be toted around town. Many families at this stage avoid traveling by taxi and stick to walking or public transit. But for those occasions when you need a car and car seat, another option is to use a car service that provides car seats.

Here are some local car services we have found that offer car seats for children. Kid Car New York caters exclusively to families with young children and offers a full range of transportation options, including point-to-point trips, rides to and from the airport, and trips home from the hospital. It is the most expensive service, but also the only one that promises properly installed infant, convertible, and booster seats. The other services listed are traditional livery services that have car seats (usually just infant and convertible seats) available, for an additional fee.

Please note this is just a list, and not an endorsement of any of these car services. It is an individual parent’s responsibility to ensure car seats are in good condition, not expired, and properly installed.

Kid Car New York
(212) 862-SAFE (7233)

Legends Limousine
1 (888) LEGENDS (534-3637)

Eastern Car Service
(866) 499-7177

Crestwood Car & Limousine Service
(800) 34-CREST (27378)

NYC Limousine
(800) 505-7724

Go Green Ride
(212) 364-2000 or download the iPhone or Android app, must call to request a car seat

Download the iPhone or Android app, apply promo code FAMILY to unlock and request uberFAMILY

2 Responses to Taking Cabs & Car Services

  1. John says:

    I found that most of stretch limousines don’t have seat belts enough for all passengers. Usually just 3 seat belts on a back seat. It’s not safe vehicle for a big group of kids.

    • Bettina says:

      Sorry if I was unclear. Limousine rental companies, such as the ones listed here, usually also have sedans, minivans, and SUVs.

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