Shanghai Asian Manor

21 Mott Street (at Mosco St.)
New York, NY 10013
(212) 766-3311 | | map
Nearest subway station: J-Z @ Chambers St.
Nearest elevator subway station: 4-5-6 @ Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall

Mon-Fri 11AM-9:30PM, to 10PM Sat-Sun
No reservations (and come early or at off-peak hours to avoid a wait)

Food: Chinese, Dim Sum. There is no children’s menu.

Space: Clean and small, with only 3 booths and fewer than 10 tables.

Stroller storage: Very limited. You may be able to tuck a folded stroller into a corner.

High chairs: Yes.

Changing table: No. Also, the restroom is minuscule and changing a diaper would be difficult.

Good to know: As with many Asian restaurants, they have soy milk but no cow’s milk.

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